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The way in which we deal with public space is important. However, you also want to create added valued within your company or organisation and waste as little as possible: lean thinking and working


Mission Opérationelle Transfrontalière. This French organisation specialises in cross-border solutions. WES collaborates with them to map employment at the border between West Flanders and France. Once again a powerful example of market research.


Starting up and counselling of centre management are part of their expertise, but also research into business premises, park management, regional-economic analyses, city marketing, PPS developments and integral area developments.


Figures about the Belgian coast and the other West Flemish regions, WWI and day-trip tourism.
Learn more about the citizens’ activities and ideas via the WES-population survey.

Panteia (NL)

Topics such as mobility, care & wellbeing, labour market and education are high on the agenda, including in the Netherlands. Do you know the image your customers have of you, including across the borders? Get an answer via our survey into customer satisfaction and image.

Toerisme Vlaanderen

Figures about tourism, accommodation and landmarks in Flanders.

Get an insight into the behaviour of travellers via WES’s Belgian Travel Market.

FOD economie

Topics and publications within the scope of a competitive, sustainable and balanced operation of the goods and services market in Belgium.
Determine a competition and differentiation strategy that will put your company on the map.


Trends and figures concerning the labour market.

Verify which social trends are important to your business via market research.

Detailhandel Vlaanderen

Retailers play an essential role in the economic fabric of Flanders. Is your new store concept viable? Will your business make a profit at a new location? Check it by means of our feasibility, potential assessment and concept studies.

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